Startup Alley Spaces

"Startup Alley" is designed for the startup company and is located in a key area of the building. The Alley consists of 12 suites that will accommodate 4-5 people per suite. We have developed this area to have the amenities of a larger office, but without the cost and responsibility of keeping up with it. Best of all, we offer month-to-month contracts for all of these.

Each office has access to all of these amenities listed below.

Large Kitchen

Our breakroom offers an ice machine, two fidges, coffee maker, and even snack machines.

Large Conference Room

This completely furnished room is complete with whiteboards, and TV.

Three Meetup Rooms

These rooms are smaller in size, but offer the privacy to win a deal or hold small meetings.

Business Class Internet

Internet is provided by Lightbound, the leader in the business class Internet, Voip, and hosting services.

Utilities Included

To make budgeting easy, all utilities are included in your monthly payment.

Custom Signage

Get your logo printed and hang it on the side of your suite.

This is just what you get in our offices. Check out all the amenities that your most precious resource, (your employees) get to enjoy.

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